This Spring’s Weather May Be Depressing

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – If you're feeling down in the dumps from this damp weather, you're not alone.

'There's that myth that spring is always a happy time,' says Dr. Russell Hyken.  'But in reality for many people depression rates spike during that time of year.'

The St. Louis region has had a roller coaster of a spring, at times springing back to winter with snow and cold temperatures.

These ups and downs can get most people down.

'In Missouri and across the world people are traditionally an agricultural community so people have to work outside more and factories amp up their work times as well,' says Hyken.  'As people work more their depression takes over as well.'

So if the puddles have you perturbed and today's dreary skies a little down, there are a few things you can do.

'More simply, regulate your sleep schedules,' says Hyken.  'Get up on time at the same time every day.  Get outside and interact with other individuals.  And if you're feeling depressed or blue, make sure you reach out to somebody and call them.'

Winters lack of light can make you lethargic.

But no matter the weather, Sarah Murphy soaks up spring.

'You need that connection with nature,' says Sarah Murphy an outdoor Horticulturist with the Missouri Botanical Garden.  'It's really important to have that and to get your fresh air in everyday and plants just teach you to be patient and giving.  I would say it helps my stress levels immensely.'

Murphy says torrential rains, too will soon pass and behind those dark clouds is a silver lining.

'The water does help and it does help make up for all our drought situations from the past and in the future,' says Murphy.  'So this rain is good, especially when it goes on reserve.'

Then these puddles will produce some spectacular flowers to pick and think fondly on our rainy spring.

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