Variety Children’s Charity Helps Over 15,000 Children Locally

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(KTVI) – Variety the Children's Charity of St. Louis has been around for 80 years, providing much needed support for children born with physical and mental disabilities.

Variety helps families with everything from wheelchairs, braces and walkers to hearing aids and other communication devices; helping some 15 thousand children in the St. Louis area not only move around easier but also better interact with the world.

The charity gets help from the public and dozens of corporate sponsors including Edward Jones.  It’s contributed nearly a million and half dollars to variety over the last 16 years.

"It's all about the children…providing the equipment and opportunities so they can meet their fullest potential," Jim Weddle, President Edward Jones.

All of the money given to variety stays right here in st. Louis and variety is constantly updating the equipment as the children grow bigger, staying with them until the age of 21.

Weddle say, “it's just a very special opportunity to be involved with a great organization that you trust is helping so many little ones and helping them reach their full opportunity."

Variety also gives out 300 bikes every December with its Bikes for kids program and holds an Adventure Camp every summer.