New York City Fleet Week Cancelled

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(CNN) – It’s a spring tradition in New York City.  But this year, sailors will not be coming ashore for the annual celebration of “fleet week.”

As Lou Young reports, this budget-inspired cancellation isn’t sitting well with everyone in the city.

They will not be coming this year.

Caught in mandatory budget cuts the navy says it cannot send ships and personnel to our annual fleet week celebration, and the mayor confirms he was in no position to insist.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg:  “They don’t think it’s a modest amount of money. The Defense Department has to decide where they’re going to deploy their resources and I don’t think that we should get in the way of making the decision for them of what’s needed to keep you and I safe.”

The Pentagon gave us heads up too and issued the formal statement.

Bill Mack, Marine Veteran: “unfortunately there will be no navy ships this year for fleet week amd no additional sailors or marines.”

New Yorkers are predictably disappointed.

Michael Branton, Brooklyn Resident: “A few dollars for the guys who serve our country? It’s a real shame.”

Elizabeth Lardaro, Manhattan Resident: “I’m going to miss it. I mean, I usually go every year.”

But not this year. The Navy cited the “unusual budget circumstances,” in Washington saying, “We look forward to the opportunity to participate in future fleet weeks. This year, tough choices are being forced on us.”

The people who control the budget need to do what they have to do to save money where they have to.

It’s estimated that the fleet week celebration costs about 10-million dollars.

But it’s thought to bring in twice as much revenue to New York businesses.