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Over 600 Properties Auctioned Off In St. Clair County

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BELLEVILLE, IL. (KTVI) - Hundreds of people gathered in Illinois Thursday for an auction of more than 600 properties in St. Clair County.

Officials told FOX2 the properties were vacant lots, homes and mobile homes.

Most of them were abandoned, so now the county is hoping a buyer will start paying property taxes on them.

"It is really about building back up these neighborhoods," St. Clair County Official Bill Krieger said.

The people who attended the two day auction said that it was a "great" opportunity to get some land for low prices.

Bidding started at $750 on most of the properties.

"That is a good price, so I really hope I can get the lot I want for something close to that," Desi White said. "This is my very first auction."

The bidding was civilized throughout the night.

"We are all just trying to get what we want, but we are also having a lot of fun," White said. "I just hope no one tries to out bid me."

If you missed the auction, you can still purchase the unsold properties.

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