Spring Weather Means Green For Lawn Care Companies And May Be Maryland Heights

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO. (KTVI) - Spring weather is bringing plenty of rain to the area it's also having an effect on business for lawn care companies and homeowners.

The weeds, grass and plants line the streets and sidewalks in Maryland Heights.  Recent rain has some lawns growing out of control.  For Green RX owner Joe Weiss business is a lot better compared to last year. Weiss says he`s also expecting an extended spring season.

'Our busy season is on the phone is ringing off the hook. It just started within the last week so it`s starting 6 weeks later than last season.' Said Weiss

Spring rain also brought wild grass along with changes to an ordinance in Maryland Heights.

According to city officials, grass height was set at 10' and owners had 7 days to cut it. After realizing they weren`t in compliance with Missouri state statues the city recently decided to make a change.  Now the length is 8' and owners now have 10 business days to get things cleaned up allowing for more wiggle room.

'All of the rain and snow we have had and along with all of the moisture as soon as we get to 80 degree weather the grass will start to take off and grow fast.'

Fines can range from as low as $50 and go well into the hundreds. Money homeowners want to avoid at all costs.

The job of taking care of weeds and grass is an invitation Joe is more than happy to take on.

'We`ll be on track as soon as we get in to the spring pattern, everything will be on track." He said

Green RX

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