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Police: 81-Year-Old Mother Shoots & Kills Her Own Son

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BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) - We are learning more about a tragic domestic dispute overnight in Ballwin that had a deadly ending.  Police say 81-year-old Johanna Walker shot and killed her 41-year-old son, Brian Walker, after he allegedly attacked her with a knife. This all happened about 1 a.m. Thursday at a home at Clayworth and Ruthwood not far off Highway 141. Police say the mother made the 911 call.

When officers arrived, police say the mother told them that her son, who lived at the home with her, had attacked her with a large knife injuring her right hand. When he came at her a second time, the mother says she shot him twice in the chest. Both people were taken to Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur. The son died about an hour later.

The mother was admitted but her injury is not thought to be life threatening.
Ballwin police say they have responded to calls at the home in the past but there was no history of domestic violence.

We`re told officers did go to the house for a 'shots fired' call within the past year but that didn`t turn into anything.

Investigators tell us they did recover a large, fixed blade knife and a revolver from the home.

Ballwin police say the mother was not arrested and at this point no charges have been filed.  The police investigation is ongoing.

The news of this incident has sent shock waves up and down the block.

Residents are looking at the randomness of the shooting and the people involved as a way to not change their opinion of their neighborhood.

FOX 2 spoke with one neighbor that declined an on camera interview who actually knew both the man and woman involved in the incident that took place. He said as far as he knew, both mother and son were very happy, very nice, very normal people, and this incident is very out of character for both of them.