Local Mothers Join Fight Against Unused Prescriptions

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Two moms on a mission to fight prescription drug abuse want to warn parents there is danger in any home medicine cabinet.

Denise Beckmann of Hillsboro and Janet Glazebrook of Ballwin both lost sons to overdoses of painkillers.  Friday they called on anyone with unused or expired prescription drugs to turn them in Saturday during the annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day sponsored by the DEA.

"This isn't a game anymore," said Beckmann whose son Connor Sher was six months shy of graduating from high school when he took a mixture of pills from his stepmother's medicine chest and never woke up.

Glazebrook's 25-year old son Marcus Henson took too much oxycontin.

“Marcus hid it very, very well.  He promised me he wasn't taking more than he was supposed to," she said.  Henson had prescriptions for the painkiller to combat severe headaches.    "I didn't know about him getting the refills when he ran out until after he passed away," Glazebrook said as she held back tears.

The two mothers want to hold rallies against prescription drug abuse and they now run a Facebook group to help moms who have lost children for any reason.  It is called Proud Angel Moms Over St. Louis.  The group is working through Rally St. Louis to launch a crowd sourcing fund raising effort to build a garden to remember the lost children.

Here are some links, to find those locations:
Proud Angel Moms Over St. Louis
Prescription Drug Drop-Off Locations

There is additional information at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy web site.

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