Levee Break Near Winfield Threatens Homes

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WINFIELD, MO (KTVI) - More than 90 homes in Winfield and Foley are at risk after a levee along the Mississippi River broke Friday afternoon. Most of the threatened area is rural farm land.

Firefighters swarmed the area to alert residents about the danger due to the 150 foot  breach in the Bob's Creek Levee.

“We are encouraging them to pack up their valuables and go somewhere else,” Winfield Fire Chief Cory Swafford said. “It is not a mandatory evacuation, but it is a good idea.”

However, many residents decided to remain in their homes.

“I am going to stay and pump out the water that gets in,” Mike Pinrod said. “I sent the wife and kids to stay with friends.”

The levee broke at about 4 p.m., and residents said the water started to rise right away.

“Before that I could see my backyard, but now it is just destroyed,” Pinrod said. “This is really tough to see.”

Pinrod said the flood water already destroyed his garden.

“It is covered with debris from the river now,” he said.

Pinrod and other residents spent the last few days surrounding their homes with sandbags.

“I really hope it holds up, and I am hopeful that there is no more damage,” he said.

Firefighters said electricity in the area has not been interrupted, but that could change if the water continues to rise.

“I just hope it stops,” Pinrod said.

The Pin Oak levee, Mississippi River levee, and all other levees remain intact at this point.

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