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How Your Hair Can Make You Look Younger

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(KTVI) - Is your hair aging you?  Perhaps it's time for a change and it doesn't have to be drastic.

Simple changes can trim years off your age.  Tiphanie Shy with "Shimmer by Shy" explains what you can do.

1. Hair Health
If your hair is lacking moisture, start by giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment.

2. Be Vibrant!
Color is by far the best way to upgrade your look and make you look younger. Full color is not always necessary, though. For some, subtle highlights can turn the clock back ten or more years! looking fresh

3. Upgrade You!
Another great way to turn back the clock is to get an updated haircut. We all get comfortable in what we know, but an outdated cut could be aging you. Shake things up with a cut between your chin and your shoulders.

4. Don`t be Stiff
Even with fabulous color and a great cut, if you`re not sporting the proper style, you could be holding yourself back. Stiff and super edgy hairstyles should be avoided. Think old and stiff versus young and soft. Keep it loose! Messy, curly up-dos, soft cascading curls and curly side-buns are all great styles.

5. Eyebrows are Hair Too
Don`t neglect those brows ladies! If your eyebrows are too thin you`ll look older no matter what your hairstyle or hair color. Brows shouldn`t be too bushy either. Well manicured eyebrows can make a major difference.

6. The Simple Part
Switching up your part from side to side could give you variety you never knew. Try a deep part or a shallow one to change things up.

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