Syria: Terror Wave In Damascus

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SYRIA (CNN) – The Free Syrian Army is blaming the government for orchestrating a deadly car bombing in Damascus — saying the Assad regime carried out the attack to elicit sympathy ahead of a U.N. meeting.

We’re not relying on eyewitness accounts for this report — CNN has a correspondent on the scene.

CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen reports from Damascus.

The wounded were still being evacuated – when we arrived at the scene…

Just minutes after a car bomb ripped through this area – in front of a government building.

Mohammed Agha was close by when the attack happened.

Mohammed Agha, Witness:  “I saw several bags full of parts of human beings. I saw them carrying them away. And ambulances rushed here.”

A crater marks the spot where the bomb was detonated.

Apparently hidden in a mini bus.

Fred Pleitgen, Damascus, Syria:  “The security forces around here are obviously very nervous after the blast. If you look at the building you can see just how bad the damage is. The security fence was blown away, the windows were blown out. There is a lot of carnage here at the site of the bombing.”

It’s the second major bombing in just two days in Damascus…

As the civil war in Syria drags on…

And president Bashar al Assad clings to power.

Many in Syria’s capital believe Iraq-style terror attacks will become more frequent.

Some blame islamist extremist groups – and the U.S. for supporting the opposition.

“They are killing our people. Washington and the West know they are terrorists. Why are they providing them with weapons?”

The U.S.. says it provides only non-lethal aid to the opposition.

And aside from political talk – others – like this woman – are simply shocked at what is happening to their country.

Mohammed Agha, Witness:  “They are all our children and it is sad. We are all Syrians killing each other.”

If anything, the increased bombings appear to be strengthening the resolve of Bashar al Assad’s supporters.

Umm Wasim, Witness:  “God – Syria – Bashar and nothing else” – these men chant at the blast site….

While the emergency workers are still busy picking up the remains of those who were killed.

Fred Pleitgen CNN Damascus.