Jefferson Barracks Museum Honors Missing POW & Veterans

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JEFFERSON BARRACKS, MO (KTVI)--Veterans have almost always held a special place in the hearts of Americans.  But for those who have been taken prisoner and lived the hell of captivity, the debt of gratitude is even greater.

That's why Wednesday was such a special day at Jefferson Barracks Park.

Members of all military branches and civilians of all ages gathered together for the official ribbon cutting at the regions first POW-MIA museum.

Veterans, POW's and the families of those still listed as missing in action shared a sun filled sky and heartfelt memories.

For Corporal Andrew Ervin, today is personal, his grandfather Edward Dostie is one of a special group of POW's from Stalag 17-B who’ve come together every year to celebrate their liberation day, May 3rd.

By design that celebration coincides with the museum opening, making today's ribbon cutting that much more meaningful.

Dostie was shot down on his 4th mission in June of 1943.

Sadly, this year's Stalag 17-B reunion will be the last because it's just getting to difficult for the veterans to travel.

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