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Supporters Of Immigration Reform Protest In Clayton

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CLAYTON, MO. (KTVI) - On Wednesday hundreds showed up in downtown Clayton to make their voices heard. Local faith leaders, labor unions and community organizations showed up by the bus load to speak out while hoping for good immigration reform and will continue the fight to get it.

Thousands of immigrants across the country stood their ground in hopes of keeping the issue of immigration reform alive in Congress.

At least 300 people stood near Senator Roy Blunts office at the corners of Bonhomme and Hanley in Clayton with signs in hand. Organizers and supporters say hearing the peaceful chants of 'yes we can' gave them hope. Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocate Vanessa Crawford-Aragon says the event is the first vigil of the year.

"There's no front door for them to come through there's no line for them to stand in. Meaningful reform creates a broad roadmap for those people." said Crawford-Aragon.

According to supporters at least 70-percent of agricultural work is done by undocumented workers. There are more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Organizers say good reform would bring immigrants and refugees out of the shadows to seek fair opportunities. The next event is set for June 30th.

For more information, click on Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates.

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