WNBA’s Carolyn Moos Didn’t Know Fiance Jason Collins Was Gay

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In NBA, Collins’ defense, screens matter more than sexual orientation

(CNN) – Jason Collins is a big, end-of-bench bruiser who can harangue opposing centers. And he’s gay.

Only one of those things matters, at least publicly, to NBA teams that might be considering his services for the 2013-14 season after his highly publicized coming out on Monday.

For the moment, though, Collins is the subject of intense attention that has nothing to do with his basketball prowess.

“He’s in the process of taking ownership over the here and now, which is actually coming out,” Carolyn Moos, a Stanford grad and former WNBA player who dated Collins for eight years, told CNN’s Piers Morgan on Tuesday night. “And that can be very, I assume, overwhelming.”

Moos says it will be a process, much like it was for her after Collins called off their 2009 engagement and upon learning — in calls he made to her starting this past weekend — that her longtime love, with whom she’d planned a marriage and a family, was gay.

“I hope (it) is a natural progression for him,” Moos said, as he becomes more comfortable with himself. I think time will allow more perspective on it as well.”

Collins newfound stature in the gay rights movement, and the public eye, may open the door to some opportunities, such as off-the-court lessons on inclusiveness, DuBose said.

But he didn’t see how that would translate into additional revenue. Wizards spokesman Scott Hall said that while every jersey the club sold Monday had Collins’ name on it, “it was not a large amount.”

“I think it would be a terrible move to try to sign him for financial gain or rating,” Lee said. “He has too much respect for himself to be used for something other than what he is, which is a basketball player.”

At least one NBA executive, Golden State Warriors President and COO Rick Welts, who in 2011 became the first openly gay American sports executive, said he doesn’t think Collins’ announcement will have any effect on him being signed for the 2013-14 season.

“I think whatever percentage chance Jason had of being on an NBA roster when he woke up yesterday is probably identical this morning,” he said. “Actually, I’ll take that back. … If he was 7 feet tall yesterday morning, my guess is with the weight that was lifted off his shoulders yesterday, he is probably 7’2″, so that might improve his chances.”

By Eliott C. McLaughlin

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