Man Charged In Murder of 13-Year-Old, As Family & Friends Remember Him

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GRANITE CITY, IL. (KTVI) –A man has been charged for the murder of a 13-year-old boy.  Clayton Veninga, of Granite City was fatally shot while sitting on a Cleveland Boulevard porch around 9:30 pm Wednesday night.

LaRoyce Montez McFadden was charged with 1st Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery with a Firearm.

Police say McFadden was an acquaintance of Veninga.  No word as to whether the victim was the intended target, but police say this was not an accidental or random shooting.


Assistant Police Chief Jeff Connor says the public has been instrumental in helping solve the crime.

Connor says, “We’re thankful that we came to a conclusion this quick, and the public can be at ease that we don’t have a murderer out on the loose right now.”

Hearing this news was very emotional for Veninga’s mother, Angie. Through tears, she says, “My baby got justice.”

Earlier in the evening, a large group of family and friends came together for a vigil in Veninga’s honor.

It was held at the home of his best friend, Caleb Brousseau. This was also the spot where the 13 year-old took his last few breaths.

Brousseau says, “It happened so fast that no one would’ve ever expected it.  It was one of the worst things I’ve ever witnessed in my life.”

During the vigil, close friends got up to speak about Veninga, his love for sports, and the promising future he had.

Others said prayers for the family, and prayed to put a stop to senseless, violent crimes like this one.

Joe Giglietti, who spoke at the vigil, explains, “We want to inspire the students and people who are here, basically to take a stand against violence in the city, and make the decision that we’re not just going to accept it blindly anymore.”

McFadden is being held on no bond.

Press Conference on announcement of an arrest:

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