You Paid For It: The Ferry Boat That Won’t Go

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A project that's run around leaves the Illinois Department of Transportation IDOT red faced. The agency had a Ferry Boat called the, "Liberty Belle" designed and built. Officials noticed the boat didn't work well when it arrived at Brussels Ferry North of Grafton.  There is a problem with the boat's propulsion system.

IDOT checked the design plans before construction.  But, they just caught this problem.

Now the broken boat is just sitting North of the St Louis Riverfront while contractors try an figure out how to get it working right. IDOT says it hasn't paid the whole bill yet. They have already paid about $2.6 million. They're holding the rest until the problem is fixed.

IDOT says it's confident they'll eventually get the Liberty Bell working they just don't know when.  So for now it's docked.

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