Flooding Fears Outside St. Peters Subside For Now

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-Many area river communities are still on the flood watch.  The latest area facing a flood threat is outside St. Peters, MO in St. Charles County. It had been the same old drill for the Conoyers; packing belongings from their house Friday into a trailer bound for higher ground.

Gene Conoyer says the water has been one to six feet high inside his house in years past.  All the signs seemed to be pointing toward major flooding again this weekend.

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Silvers Road is closed; Highway C nearby is underwater, too.  And the view from his yard was calling to mind the great floods of `73, `93, and `08; when water over the roads also meant water in his house.

Conoyer said, “We figured it was going to get bad.  The first prediction that gave when the river was coming up was a bad one.  So that’s when we started packing for the worst.”

But the forecasted crest for the Mississippi River is now below 34 feet, nearly 6 feet lower than the record Flood of `93;and well below `08 and `73, too.  And unlike `73, `93, and `08, things seem to have reached a stopping point.  The water’s actually going down now.  So the Conoyers are staying put, at least for the next 24 hours, maybe.

“We’re going to wait until Monday.  If there ain’t no rain in the forecast we’ll stay here.”

And the flood of  `13  will go down as a near miss.

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