Water Woes Go Beyond Flooding

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KTVI) - You don`t have to live along the river to feel the pain of all the recent rain.

Marion Brown runs the Pick-A-Bone BBQ stand on Highway 141 near Highway 21.

"I`m trying to cook barbecue in the rain," said Brown.  "trying to keep the fire lit, trying to keep the food warm."

Curtis Kemp pulled into a Jefferson County gas station with all of his landscaping tools in the back of his truck.  Those tools have not been used recently.

"It`s so wet you just tear up yards when you get in there," explained Kemp.  "People won`t let you in their yard."

Then there are the wet basements.   One man said his cousin`s house is wet from the rain.  Another man said his mother`s basement has damage.

It`s been a frustrating spring for anyone losing time or money because of the rain.

"Customers just don`t participate in the rain like they do in the sun," said Brown.

Road closures near the Meramec included Larking Williams Road near the Riverside Golf Course in Fenton and Meramec Bottom Road in several locations.