City Of St. Peters Opens Park After Flood Threat Passes

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI)-- Unpredictable flood waters on the Mississippi River continued to rise and so did anxieties about flooding.

The City of St. Peters decided to close up shop at 370 Lakeside Park. Officials feared that a 100 year old 16-foot agricultural levy would break.

Park Director Vicki Phillips says her crews were prepared for the storms. More than 119 RV reservations were cancelled and 15 families were evacuated.

April 19th was the first emergency shut down on at the park since its 2011 opening. According officials the evacuation was quick and the park was flood ready.

"We completely emptied out the park the RV check in office all of the signs benches the furniture... we gutted all of the electrical boxes. If the water went overĀ  the agricultural levy were to fail the park could be flooded faster than we could evacuate. As fast as the water would come in on the roads at least 16 feet deep," said Phillips

A second 26-foot-tall levy built by the Army Corps of Engineers also surrounds the area. The park is set to reopen Friday morning in preparation for a weekend kite event. The city plans to add an archery range and dog park by the fall.

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