Florida Mistress Attacked Over Facebook Post

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MIAMI, FL (FOX NEWS) – A Florida plastic surgeon faces a judge over accusations that he tortured and tried to kill his ex-girlfriend. Doctor Orlando Llorente, who is married, was ordered held without bond Wednesday after an ex-girlfriend told police he kidnapped and nearly killed her. The victim said the ordeal began when Llorente became angry over a post she made on facebook. Llorente confronted the woman at a high rise and allegedly tortured her.

“What he did was grab her hair stick her into the toilet and afterwards into the tub shove a piece of rag down her mouth causing her to almost loose consciousness.” said Miami Police Department Spokeswoman Kenia Reyes.

The police complaint says the victim was able to convince her ex that she wouldn’t report what happened. The victim claims she tried to record Llorente coaching her on what to say about her bruises but he found out and smashed her phone. He was arrested afterwards.