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New Lego Store To Open This Weekend at West County Center

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(KTVI) - Did you know "LEGO" is an abbreviation of two Danish words "Leg Godt", meaning "play well"?  And kids have been doing that for 100 years.

Lego's started as wooden building blocks in Demark and have evolved to the colorful, plastic bricks you see today.

There are theme parks, education programs and Lego stores. And a new Lego store is opening in the West County Center this weekend.

Be one of the first 300 people each day to make a qualifying purchase at the Lego store and you will receive one of these exclusive giveaways:

Free Collectible Lego T-shirt with a $50 purchase. Shirts are available in child sizes only.

Free Limited-Edition Lego Store Set with a $75 purchase.

Free Exclusive Minifigure Set with a $50 purchase.