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Paint Fumes Fuel St. Peters Home Explosion

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI) - An explosion split a St. Peters home Thursday around noon.

The homeowner, Pam Smith, said two contractors were working in the basement when she started to see "sparks."

"They were coming from the basement, and then it just felt like an earthquake," she said. "Everyone started screaming and trying to get out."

The contractors were painting and may have left the gas for the water heater on, but at this point everything is still under investigation.

"We are just so glad to be alive," Smith said.

Five people and three dogs were in the home during the blast.

"All of us are safe, and we got out very fast," Smith said. "We can replace our things, but we can't replace people."

The blast shattered the garage door and separated the walls from the roof.

"It was weird that it just hit those areas," Smith said.

The family will have to stay in a hotel while their home is repaired.