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St. Louis Zoo Shows Off New Babies

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- There are a lot of proud moms at the St. Louis Zoo these days. That's because they've got new babies to show off.

"Usually it's spread out spring all the way through summer," says Tim Thier a Zoological manager of the Antelope Area.  "But we've had quite a boom of births here which is great."

Like sunny a female lowland Nyala. Or Djembe a new male mountain Bongo, and then there's Cruze, a boy Banteng.

"Some of these babies are big babies," says Patrick Clark.  "How big?"

"A camel baby is probably the biggest one born from this group," says Thier.  "They're usually around 80 pounds or so."

But a baby Spekes Gazelle like Fragilistic starts out as only three pounds at birth.

Fresh faces like Priya the elephant or baby Babirusa piglets are part of a plan put together by the association of zoos and aquariums.

"We work with most of the species that recently had calves," says Thier. "It's through the Species Survival Plan through AZA. So those are recommended breeding through that program. A leader from that program will send us animals they'd like to pair up. And we pair those animals based on that recommendation and the resulting births."

Which is good news for endangered species and good news for us, as we get to see what a new baby Transcaspian Lamb looks like.

"The zoo for a number of years has done a Mother/Infant study where we videotape animals for the first 30 days of birth so they can compare that to animals you see in the wild," says Thier.  "You just get a better idea of their behavior and their original instincts work."

You might say those mother and child reunions are only a Kodak moment away.