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Why Corn Prices May Rise This Summer

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-- It could cost you more for corn and other items at the supermarket this summer because of the cool, wet spring.

Rich Boschert is a farmer who plants half of his land with corn. "We should be rolling out in the field real hard. Right now we`re still waiting in the wings," he said.

He and his son have farmed all their lives.  Rich Boschert said, "They have their machinery ready to go for planting. Now if only the weather would cooperate."  He added, "Normally if we can get our corn planted in April we`re happy. We normally plant 550 acres of corn we got 150 acres planted."

Much of their land is underwater.  It`s the same for other farmers in St. Charles County. And, it`s a problem that`s affected farmers across the country. Many are way behind in planting, which means they may have smaller yields and smaller profits.  And it could cost you more at the supermarket.

Boschert said, "I would think corn prices could be higher."  He said maybe also higher prices for other products like meat.

Boschert family members say they don`t need the thrill of going to a casino. Every year they put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the ground and gamble Mother Nature is going to be kind to them.