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Bar Fight, Car Theft Lead Police To Shoot Suspect In South County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KTVI)- A south St. Louis County bar fight led to a car theft, and, eventually, the suspect being shot by police Saturday morning.  It all happened along Telegraph Rd. just east of Interstate 255.

Police say the suspect, 29-year-old Andrew Bush was in KT’s Pub on Telegraph when he began “hitting on” a female customer.  The woman’s boyfriend took exception and the two got into a fight inside the bar.  The fight was broken up, but the suspect somehow ended up with the woman’s car keys.

A witness says Bush rushed out of the bar and stole her car.  Others chased him into the parking lot and police were called as well.

Police arrived, and Bush, a somewhat regular customer at KT’s, was quickly identified.  Within minutes police were at the man’s apartment.

When they knocked on the door, officers say the Bush had an assault rifle, which he cocked as he opened it.   The two officers opened fire, killing the man in his doorway.  Police have not identified him, but say he was a white male in his mid to late 20’s.

Neighbors describe the early morning silence being broken by shouts, then between ten and fifteen shots.

The suspect, according to one acquaintance in the Villa apartments, “worked hard and partied hard.”  The neighbor says he worked on Mississippi River barges and would be gone for week’s at a time.  When he returned home, he “liked to party,” the man said.

The two officers involved in the shooting are being put on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.  That’s standard procedure for officers involved in a shooting.