Burger King Offering Rival To The McRib

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Burger King has decided to take on McDonalds for dominance in the fast-food rib wars. USA Today reports that the chain’s 2013 summer menu plans include an item called the, “BK Rib Sandwich.” Like the McRib the item is boneless, comes in a rib shape with tangy sauce an pickles. The chain pans on selling the sandwich starting May, 21st.

Burger King is not stopping at one sandwich in it’s BBQ arsenal. No, they are releasing two more; the Memphis Pulled Pork and the Carolina BBQ.

This is not the first time that Burger King has dipped into Bar-B-Que sauce in the menu. In 2010 they offered on-the-bone ribs named, “Fire-Grilled Ribs.” That item cost nearly $9 and not many were sold.

The new BBQ sandwiches will cost around $3.50 for a sandwich and $5.60 for a combo meal.

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