St. Louis Company Bests Google And Amazon In Cloud Computing

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Richard Waidmann has one simple rule for his employees.

'This is really one of the key components to our company,' says Connectria CEO and founder Richard Waidmann.  'It's really the heart of our culture which is our no jerks allowed company policy.'

His company is called Connectria.

It's a high tech firm that manages hosting and cloud computing.

'It's a computer resource,' says Waidmann.  'It could be the computing, the memory, and the disk storage.  We're just running some sort of software for some computer somewhere else.  It just happens to be connected to the internet and they call it the cloud.'

Waidmann's golden rule has given Connectria the gold medal among U.S. based cloud providers.

'We`re first in the United States, ahead of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, all of the major companies,' says Waidmann.

Instead of setting up shop in Silicon Valley, the company`s main servers are just steps from Busch Stadium.

Big businesses like banks, airlines and health care companies are sending their data through the cloud and trusting Connectria with keeping their info ready at a moment's notice.

'One thousand kilobytes is a megabyte, says regional director David Pollard.  'One thousand megabytes is a gigabyte.  One thousand gigabytes is a terabyte.  One thousand terabytes is a petabyte.  And you have a lot of those?  We have a lot of those.'

It's worth noting that the Gateway to the west is a good home for the new frontier on the information superhighway, and it's all from a company where no jerks are allowed.

'One of the things we're going to do when we started the company is to make sure that we have a good group of people and we all treat each other with respect so no big egos, no one talking down to one another, nobody who things they're self important,' says Waidmann.

It's good to be grounded, even if you're business is in the clouds.

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