Hearing Held Over Phineas The Dog’s Location

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SALEM, MO (KTVI) – Attorney Joe Simon says that there was a hearing on Wednesday over Phineas the dog. The city of Salem agreed to move the dog from the undisclosed location to a licensed facility (where he is now).

The Labrador Retriever has been condemned because the city of Salem wants to put him down because the dog bit a 7 year old girl last summer. But, the wound was very minor. The shelter keeping the dog deemed it to be gentle and friendly. Now, the little girl bitten and her family are asking the city to spare the dogs life.

Lawyers for the dog are working on briefs for the the Missouri Court of Appeals. They are considering taking the case to federal courts, saying the city violated several property laws.

Missouri state investigators visited Salem Monday afternoon to check out the dog’s welfare after receiving complaints about how the animal was being treated by city officials.

Salem resident Jackie Overby claims she was approached by the Salem city administrator with a plan that involved leaving Phineas in an un-secure area so that the dog would be taken and the publicity would be gone.

Overby called Mayor Brown and secretly recorded her conversation with him.  On that recording, the mayor is heard responding to Overby`s questions about instructions given by the city administrator.  Hear that conversation here.

The campaign to save the dog has gone much further than Dent County.  A Save Phineas Facebook page had nearly 113,000 fans as of Thursday Morning.

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