Alaska Airlines Passenger Attempts To Open Emergency Door

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(CNN) — A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight early Monday was detained by police after he allegedly tried to open the plane’s emergency door while the plane was in flight, an airline official said.

Airliner doors have locks that prevent them from being opened in flight. The male passenger was restrained and the flight landed safely.

Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said that shortly after 5 a.m. PT — about 10 minutes before Flight 132 was to land in Portland, Oregon — the passenger seated in Row 17 tried to open the emergency door. He was unable to open the door, and the plane’s crew and fellow passengers restrained him.

“Once the passenger was restrained he sat calmly in the seat for the short duration of the flight,” Egan said.

Upon arrival, he was detained by police, she said. No one was hurt in the incident.

The flight originated in Anchorage, Alaska.

By Mike Ahlers, CNN

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