Memorial Day Weekend Big For Beer Sales & Traffic Stops

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The Memorial Day holiday is great for business at liquor stores.The general manager at the Randall's in South St. Louis said during the busy hours on Friday there were close to 300 people in the store. He added that many people make return trips throughout the three-day-weekend.
"Wine sells well, and we always sell a lot of Vodka," he said. "But Memorial Day is a big beer day."
Trevon Owens made a return trip to Randall's Monday. "We do go through a lot of alcohol on the weekend, so now we are back getting some beer and vodka," Owens said.
Law enforcement officers are increased patrols for the holiday. Missouri Highway Patrol troopers are taking part in the 20 Mile Trooper program.Each trooper is assigned to a 20 miles stretch of I-44 or I-70.  It allows them to focus on a smaller area.
On Monday they will be looking for speeding drivers, who are rushing to get home after the weekend.  They are also looking for drivers under the influence of alcohol.
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