Reflecting On Military Service On Memorial Day

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The dead from ten wars rest at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  It's an unbroken parade of those who've served stretching back over a 150 years. The graves as Jefferson barracks stretch from Gettysburg to Fallujah, from Shiloh to Kandahar. Most of the men and women who are laid to rest here wouldn't have considered themselves heroes. They would have thought they were just doing their jobs.

That's what Benjamin Honey thought in two tours in Iraq. It's what  he still thinks when he visits his comrade's graves. "We were clearing a building outside of Baghdad during the liberation and I took shrapnel from a grenade. That was the first time and I got sent home. That was in April, 2003. That was the first time. There was another?  That was the first time. Then I took a round from an AK another time." said Iraq Veteran Benjamin Honey.

Honey stopped to give advice to Augie Wagner. Wagner's preparing to enlist in the army. his brother suffers from PTSD after two tours in Afghanistan. "I've lived it and it's a bad issue, but you know what? I'd rather it be me than anybody else.  But you're still willing to go. I'm willing to go." said Augie Wagner.

That's what all of them here thought.  I'm willing to go no matter what the cost.

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