3 Suspects Captured After Home Invasion

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Three teens are behind bars after St. Louis County police said they were involved in a home invasion on Buckley Road in South County.

It happened Friday while the victim was in his basement.

"They came in and one had a knife and said do you want to die," Tanner Haywood said. "They stole my wallet."

Tanner said he recognized one of the suspects.

"They were not wearing masks, so I could see that I went to high school with one of them," He said.

Adis Mujakic, 19, and Abbas Khliqad, 17, are charged with robbery, burglary and armed criminal action.

A third juvenile suspect faces the same charges.

"It is just unfortunate that they would do this," Haywood said.

Two employees at a nearby business saw the crime unfold and called police.

"They had police on the way before the guys left my house," Haywood said.

He also said that he and Mujakic, who he attended Mehlville High School with, did not "really" know each other in high school.

"I never spoke to him, but he was 6'6," so I knew who he was," Haywoood said.

The three teens are also being questioned about two other South County home invasions.