Muny Season To Open With New Fans

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Sound the trumpets; you might call this birth of the cool in Forest Park.

'The total project was 750-thousand and amazingly we've raised all that money in six months,' Mike Isaacson the Muny Executive Director.

With the help of donors these big fans will battle Mother Nature this summer.

'You've brought your wet cold towels and hoping you'll make it through and you're hoping that if you're with, in my case my father or mother that they'll be okay during the show,' says Tracy Hart a member of the Muny Fan Club.

Wednesday they turned on the new fans for members of the Muny fan club and patrons of the arts.

The process from idea to installation only took ten months.

'In the 95 year history of the Muny they've been at the forefront of innovation,' says Patrick Clark sitting in a seat in the amphitheatre.  'On those 95 degree evenings, these new fans are going to come in handy.'

'We've always had air movement before and after the shows and during intermission,' says Denny Reagan the Muny President & CEO.  'But what makes this such a game changer is the fact that it's going to be able to run during the entire performance.'

Thanks to modern technology, the fans have longer blades that are more efficient than the old fans.

Besides being very quiet, they're expected to lower the temperature in the seated areas by ten to 15 degrees.

'On those nights when just air flow will help everybody enjoy the show they'll be on,' says Isaacson.  'If you notice also, they're higher than the old ones.  So they're completely out of everyone's visual terrain no matter where you're sitting.'

That's going to sit well with some cool customers this summer.

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