Oakville Residents Question Plan For HUD Senior Apartments

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OAKVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- An overflow crowd spilled into the entrance of a church in south St. Louis County where some residents are questioning a plan approved for a senior living apartment complex.

The project involves subsidized living for residents at least 62 years of age.

St. Louis County Councilman Steve Stenger says 4 public hearings were held before the County Council approved the plan.  He says there was no opposition.

Some residents question whether there was proper notification about the plan which calls for a 3-story building with 45 units and 37 parking spaces.  It sits on a plot of land about an acre and a half in size.

St. Louis County mailed out notifications to property owners near the project but some of those owners say they never received those notices.

Cindy Pyatt owns The Goddard School which sits next to the development site.

'It`s going to come in within just a foot of our fence,' said Pyatt.  'It`s just giving us an uncomfortable feeling to have 3 stories peering into our playground.'

State Rep. Marsha Haefner is trying to help residents fight the project that`s already been approved by the St. Louis County Council.

She believes citizens can request new hearings if it can be proven that proper notification procedures were not followed.

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Oakville Residents Upset Over HUD Apartments For Seniors