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Great River Road Closed Between Alton And Grafton Due To Flooding

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ALTON, IL. (KTVI) – While tornado cleanup continues Mother Nature is not yet finished causing big problems for folks who live along Area Rivers.   The Great Rive Road north of Alton is closed.   Motorists who try to make their way down the highway are stopped by flood waters like Pat Goetten said 'I came through here this morning six to eight hours later this is what you`re looking at.'

Drivers have to take the back roads to get to Grafton.  Main Street is flooded.  Homes area surrounded by water and businesses cannot open.  People use boats to get around. It`s the second flood this spring.  Sandy Wilder is a Grafton resident, 'It`s sad for some of the restaurant because a month ago they had to take everything out and then they cleaned it all and now they have to take it all out again.'

In Alton the flood is making people remember the past.  One man said, 'Brings back a lot of memories I seen a lot worse than this back in `93.'

Water surrounds the Conagra Plant.  The nearby casino is closed.  Basements of some businesses are full of water.  City crews worked to 8:30 Saturday night and were back at it again at 3:30 Sunday morning pumping water back into the river.

The flood has become a new and popular tourist attraction.  Bruce Paule and his family went to see the flooding.  Paule said, 'We thought we`d walk over and take a look at the water it`s come up fast coming up real fast.'

Illinois Department of Transportation Road Closure Alert

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