FBI Releases Photos From Alabama Hostage Bunker

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(CNN) - The FBI has released pictures of an underground bunker in Alabama.  The bunker was the site of a deadly child hostage situation earlier this year.

Alina Machado took a look at the photos and has more on what they reveal.

This is an inside look at the underground bunker where Jimmy Lee Dykes held a 5-year-old boy hostage for 6 days.

Just released photos show Alabama and federal investigators processing the scene.

Here's a picture showing one of two beds.

Small flashlights hang on the wall.

Water bottles are within reach.

A notebook and an animal calendar sit on the bed.

The FBI released the photos Saturday, along with audio of a profanity-laced phone call between hostage negotiators and dykes.

You just go ahead and send some motherf---ers down that G-d damn, uh, funnel up there to their death.

The chilling audio gives us a better sense of Dykes' state of mind, as the days wore on and negotiations deteriorated.

If that sorry son of a b--ch above you doesn't respond to me by 5:30 this afternoon, I mean by whatever time it is, then by G-d I will not be talking to you no f----ng more.

Authorities say Dykes stormed a school bus in Midland City, Alabama on January 29th.

A 15-year-old boy on the bus told dispatchers, how a man had shot the driver and snatched one of the children.

911:  Okay, is he on the bus or did he take the kid off the bus?

Boy:  He took the kid off the bus.

911:  He took the kid off the bus.

The bus driver, Charles Poland, was later hailed a hero for trying to protect his young passengers.

911:  Was the bus driver the only person that was shot?

Boy:  Yes ma'am.

911:  (talking to someone with her) Okay, the bus driver

911:  Hang in there honey, you're doing so good, I'm so proud of you, okay?

Neighbors told CNN Dykes was a paranoid, anti-government loner.

Here's what the 65-year-old told negotiators.

People are going to be standing up to this motherf----ng, dictatorial, incompetent, self-righteous bunch of sorry bastards in government that, that tell nothing but f---ng lies.

Law enforcement sources told CNN authorities used a camera to monitor what was going on inside the bunker, while FBI hostage rescue teams trained on a model of the structure nearby.
Agents reportedly saw dykes holding a gun, prompting the rescue operation.

Dykes, they say, was armed and managed to fire at agents before he was killed.

Authorities found two explosive devices.

The boy, named Ethan, was alive and returned to his family.

He celebrated his 6th birthday after his rescue.

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