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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The tornadoes that hit last Friday are long gone, but the damage left behind will keep insurance adjusters busy.  Claims are being processed as quickly as possible.  The repairs start after the damage is assessed.  You'll want to understand your policy before you begin the repair process.

Fred Mc Cormack of St. Charles was home during Friday's tornado. "We were in the hallway between the bathroom and the second bedroom. And it was over before we knew it," he said.

McCormack, his wife and granddaughter are just fine. But their home was not so lucky according to the homeowner.  "Once the tornado hit and it blew the roof off, we got another two inches of rain inside the house," he said.

McCormack filed a claim with State Farm Insurance Co. Monday the adjuster was there to assess the damage. Michelle Turner a spokesperson for the company says, "There are a lot of factors that we consider  when we`re looking at the Severity Ones.  I would say this one is a Severity One."

"Severity One" means uninhabitable. When the tree snapped it hit the pillar on the porch, then the roof went flying.  The major insurance companies use mobile claim units for their clients.  Allstate is set up in St. Charles.  That`s where we found Mia Haugen, with Allstate`s Catastrophe team.

"If we feel that emergency repairs, or emergency services need to be rendered then we can find an adjuster on hand and send them to that location to assist us," she said.

Whether it`s a tornado or flooding, inventory your property with the right cell phone, it's easy according to Allstate Agency Owner Tracie Bibb.  "It`s an app for your smart phone, you just go around your house, take pictures of everything,  categorize what you have.   Very important to have that done before something like this happens," she stated.

And before you hire a contractor.....
• get estimates from several licensed, bonded contractors
• check credentials with the better business bureau
• inspect contractors` licenses and proof of liability insurance
• if work is done without your permission, don`t pay
• avoid paying money up-front.

It`s your property and you want to maintain control over the restoration process

If you have questions about your insurance claim stay in touch with your agent.  And never give the entire insurance check to the contractor.  If you have a consumer issue call our Contact 2 hotline.  The number is 800-782-2222.  Volunteers take calls Monday through Thursday from 11am till 1pm

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