Water Rising Fast In Kimmswick

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KIMMSWICK, MO (KTVI) -  With a population of fewer than 200, the tourist town of Kimmswick has always counted on people coming from someplace else to keep it thriving.

But for the past few days,  Kimmswick has been counting on out-of-towners to keep the place dry by filling sandbags to shore up the levee.

"It is pretty uplifting to see everybody out here doing good for the community," said Britaney Holman, who owns a photo shop in Kimmswick.

The call for sandbaggers went out over the weekend, and with help from Facebook, the news spread quickly, though not always accurately.

"I`ve had some people tell me Kimmswick is flooded," said Mary Hostetter, owner of the Blue Owl restaurant. "It`s not (flooded) at all, we are just taking precautionary measures so it does not flood."

The Army Corps of Engineers has a team in Kimmswick watching the water and checking the levee.

By Tuesday afternoon, the river appeared to have crested.

"The corps likes everything they`ve seen, they think we are doing alright and it looks like we are going in the right direction," said Gary Paszkiewicz, Kimmswick`s Emergency Manager.

There were a few spots were water was seeping under the levee, but those were shored up by volunteers.

High water has closed two of the three ways into town. Visitors now have to take Highway 61/67 to Montebello Road to get to Kimmswick.

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