Flood Water Drops Few Inches In West Alton

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WEST ALTON, MO (KTVI)-- The water appears to be slowly creeping down in flood ravaged West Alton, MO. After waters rose at a frightening pace on Tuesday, they had appeared to drop at least a few inches by Wednesday evening.  But residents, some of whom still have U-Haul’s in their front yards, aren’t ready to exhale just yet.

“No sir, not yet,” Joe Barrett told us while standing on the strip of road between his home and the floodwaters.  “Especially with the levees on the other side of the highway because nobody knows if they’re gonna hold.”

That is the prime worry here, though most feel it could have been much worse.  The vast majority of homes stayed dry, though a few businesses adjacent to Highway 67 are flooded out.

Traffic on that road continues to be a problem.   The southern lanes have been flooded for days.  The northern lanes have been split into a two way section so cars can cross the bridge from Alton into Missouri.  On top of that, MoDOT says gawkers are becoming a bigger and bigger problem in the area.

MoDOT crews were working on sections of the highway where water is passing underneath; creating more congestion, though officials say the road is not in any jeopardy of structural damage.

MoDOT is asking heading for the Alton Bridge to take an alternate route if possible.

Across the river in Alton, IL, they’re facing a different problem.  The annual charity event for Meals on Wheels, the “Feed the Need” concert featuring county star Marty Stewart, has been moved because much of the Riverfront Park has been flooded.

“For us to see the riverfront underwater like this, we’re devastated,” Meals on Wheels’ Devon Neal said.  “We want to get the word out.  The Riverbend community has always been wonderful about coming together to support the community.  And we really want to get the word out, to let people know, we’ve been relocated.  The show must go on.”

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