Report: 20 Baseball Players May Face Suspension In Doping Scandal

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(CNN) — Major League Baseball is set to suspend some 20 players in the coming weeks due to a scandal involving performance-enhancing drugs, according to an ESPN report.

The network says it is potentially the worst drug abuse case in the history of baseball.

The league declined to comment to CNN, but confirmed that an investigation is in the works.

Baseball’s highest-paid player, New York Yankee Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, as well as Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers are among those facing suspension, ESPN said, citing unnamed sources.

Both have denied using performance-enhancing drugs, or PEDs.

A Florida newspaper first leveled doping allegations at Rodriguez in January. The Miami New Times reported that the short-stop and third baseman had acquired the drugs from a Miami anti-aging clinic called “Biogenesis” run by Anthony Bosch.

ESPN said Bosch, who allegedly supplied baseball players with performance-enhancing substances, has agreed to cooperate in the MLB investigation.

Braun was suspended in 2012 for 50 games after a drug test showed high levels of testosterone, but the outfielder successfully disputed the testing process, and the suspension was overturned in February.

Managers tight-lipped

On Tuesday, the managers for the Yankees and the Brewers said little.

“I know Major League Baseball is handling it, and that’s all I know,” Brewers’ Manager Ron Roenicke told journalists at a post-game news conference in Milwaukee.

Yankees Manager Joe Girardi started out dodging reporters who grilled him on ESPN’s report at a post-game news conference, but softened when it came to his concerns about Rodriguez.

“I always worry about my players, always,” he said. “One thing you never want to forget is — they’re human beings.”

He did not let on if he discussed the looming scandal with Rodriguez.

“When I talk to Alex, it’s baseball-related. That’s what it is,” Girardi said.

He feels the game he has dedicated his life to will suffer.

“I worry about baseball being affected as a game, the whole thing, and what it’s been through in the last 15 years.”

By Ben Brumfield and Jillian Martin

Rodriguez was in Florida on Tuesday, recovering from an injury. He could not be reached for comment.

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