Freeman Bosley, Sr. Drops Daughter’s Tuition Fundraiser

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- St. Louis Alderman Freeman Bosely, Sr. now says he will "not" accept donations in response to a letter he sent trying to raise money for his daughter's college tuition.

At Bosley`s campaign headquarters in the Hyde Park neighborhood of north St. Louis, the long time alderman, clearly tired of doing damage control has switched to surrender mode.

"I will give ever nickel back because you, the media has made a big deal out of it like there is something coming to me and nothing is coming to me," Bosley Sr. said. "The letters ask to make the check out to the university where she has been accepted."

The trouble started Wednesday when Bosely Sr.`s fundraising letter became public.

The letter stars, "This is Alderman Freeman Bosely Senior requesting your support once more."

It goes on to explain that his daughter has been accepted to St. Xavier University in Chicago and that despite scholarships and grants, she is still $14,276 short.

The letter requests donations be sent to his daughter's home address.

"This did not go out like I send a letter out in my ward asking people to vote for me or send letters out asking them to buy tickets and come to my fundraiser," Bosley said. "These are people that I knew personally that I consider friends."

The letters were printed on plain paper but sent, according to Bosely,  in envelopes printed with his red white and blue branded logo. Bosley says he paid for the stamps himself.

But despite his explanation, at the barbershop next to his campaign headquarters, the alderman`s reasoning was not making the cut.

"I think it is kind of crazy asking his supporters to pay for his daughter to go to school," said city resident Tom Bradford. "By being an alderman, it is kind of bad on his behalf."

Bosley says about 100 letters were sent.  He did not say whether his daughter has received any donations.

"The people who got that letter understood that here was a father trying to help a daughter become something that is going to be a credit to the city of St. Louis."

St. Louis Alderman Asks “Friends & Family” to Pay Daughter’s Tuition

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