St. Louis County Residents Complain After Delayed Tornado Warning

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BERKELEY, MO (KTVI)-- There are complaints and worries concerning a tornado warning that some St. Louis County Citizens said they did not receive until five or more hours after the storms rolled through last Friday night.

Tasheta McCall lives in Berkeley. Her neighborhood got hit by a tornado and she like many other residents wants a lot of warning.  She said, "I need to know right away so I can prep and get ready and get all my emergency stuff together and be safe."

Nixle is a company that issues storm warnings to people`s computers and phones by text and e-mail. It`s free.  St. Louis county uses the system.  But during the recent storms, folks complained the email portion did not work for some people.  Officer Randy Vaughn with the St. Louis County Police said, "Individuals did not receive notification through the Nixle service. I believe it was delayed five or six hours possibly."

A timely storm warning could mean the difference between life and death.  A late warning is not worth much.  McCall said, "At that time it`s too late it`s pointless no need to do it it`s pointless."

A Nixle spokesman said the problem was not their fault, he said it`s the peoples` e-mail delivery provider which slowed down the message.  Nixle said there is an easy fix.  You can give Nixle your cell phone number and the system will text you with storm warning alerts.  The message won`t have to go through an e-mail provider which could slow it down.

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