St. Louis Celebrates National Donut Day On Instagram

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ST. LOUIS, MO  – If your boss hasn’t done so already, it might not be too late to get the company to help celebrate national donut day. It’s not exactly a federal holiday, but plenty of companies are still joining the fun.

National donut day dates all the way back to the 1930s, when salvation army “Donut Girls” gave free donuts and coffee to members of the US Military during World War I.

Friday, many stores will be giving away free donuts. In particular, many Krispy Kreme locations will give a free donut to everyone who visits the store, and participating dunkin donuts locations will be giving away free donuts to anyone who buys a drink.

Source – CNN

See where you can get a free donut here.

Happy National Donut Day! @dunkindonuts

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Happy Donut Day! #donuts #nomnomnom #didntevenknow

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