High Water Levels Making Boating Dangerous

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Summer like temperatures are forcing people to take their boats out on area rivers. However, there's concern water levels are too high.

State troopers are out in force trying to help keep everyone safe.

High water levels on the Mississippi River making for an especially dangerous situation.

I went out with troopers, from the Missouri Highway Patrol's Marine Division to find out the challenges boaters can encounter right now.

The Dardenne Slough on the Mississippi River is one of the most popular boating areas in St. Charles.

The water is about 27 feet deep. It's usually around 15.

The Mississippi isn't the only river that's dangerously high, the Meramec is too. Jon Franklin, a Boeing employee, was wading in the water when he disappeared a couple of weeks ago.

Geoffrey Bridges, was swept away by flood waters on the Meramec. Their bodies have not been found.

The high water isn't stopping people from getting into their boats cruising, parasailing having a good time.

Troopers are keeping a watchful eye out for drunk boaters, speeders and those who don't have proper equipment on board their vessels.

There's no question being on the water is fun. If you're going out, be sure to wear a life jacket and follow safety procedure.

According to Missouri law, children under the age of seven must wear a life jacket while on a boat, unless they are in an enclosed area of the vessel.