1 Dead & 3 Shot In Berkeley Violence

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BERKELEY, MO (KTVI) - One man is dead and three others are recovering from gunshot wounds after a shootout in the parking lot of a Berkeley apartment complex Tuesday afternoon. Police are still trying to sort out who shot whom, but they say all suspects are in custody.

It began just before 2pm, when one witness, who asked not to be identified, heard arguing outside his apartment.

“He was like don’t keep reaching at your pocket. So the guy reached at his pocket, and I heard the gunshots…pop pop pop pop pop. Then there was a pause and then there was a single shot. Pow. And that was it. I walked out and seen one victim laying on the ground and a car rolling off.”

Steve Steed was in his children’s bedroom, and says he heard seven shots fired in the exchange.

“It was definitely different. They were different guns. When I looked out I just seen the guy, I don’t know if it’s a guy or a girl, but I seen the grey car pull off.”

The grey car, a Grand Am, made it to James S. McDonnell Boulevard, next to the airport. It’s unclear if it was pulled over or simply stopped, but soon ambulances were there, transporting two males and one female to the hospital.

Back at the Madeline Manor Apartments, near Natural Bridge and Marshall, the initial gunshot victim was bleeding in the parking lot.

Javon Williams was talking with that victim just minutes before he was shot.  Williams said the man with multiple gunshot wounds had just reported a burglary to police and suspected he was a target for an attack.

"He was worried some stuff was going to happen and before he could even make a move, it happened," Williams said.

“I see one of the guys laid out in a puddle of blood and his girlfriend, I guess his girlfriend, sitting next to him trying to apply pressure to the wound,” Steed said.

And that unidentified witness says others were watching.

“The victim that got shot, he’s got five kids over there. He’s got five kids over there. Daughter comes outside and sees dad on the ground and mom holding him by the neck. Adults are gonna be adult, but I mean, my heart goes out to the kids.”

For Steed, the irony is the fact he had moved his kids to this Berkeley complex for safety.

“My kids just moved here three days ago, and we moved them from violent areas and we come out here and we get a wake-up call.”

Berkeley Police Chief Frank McCall, Jr. says everyone involved knew each other and the argument and shooting was limited to the man at the apartment and those inside the car.

"This was no random shooting," said McCall.  He went on to say how fortunate it was that no one else was hurt.

McCall said interviews were being conducted and charges could be filed against the three surviving victims.  Three weapons were recovered.