Four In Custody After Pizza Delivery Robbery Stand-Off

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ST. JOHN, MO (KTVI) - Four suspects are in police custody for robbing a pizza delivery person at gunpoint.

The suspects stole his cash and pizzas on Joel Court and then fled to their home on the next block over Dix Avenue.

Police quickly tracked the suspects to the home and arrested on of them outside.

"That is crazy to think my neighbors would do that," Ericka Zeilamn said. "It's also scary because there are children here."

Initially, the remaining suspects refused to come out of the home.

"We always want to make sure no innocent people, police or the suspects are injured," Sgt. Chad Rackers said. "So we always try to talk them out if at all possible."

Eventually, the three suspects in the home surrendered.

"We just did what we were told, and we went in our home and in out basement," Zeilman said. "It was scary."

Police said the delivery man was not hurt.

The tactical team was ready for action but told to stand down.

The suspects were taken to the St. Johns jail.