Flooding Causes Crawfish To Overtake Road

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LEBANON, IL (KTVI)-- Rain gave way to sizzling St. Louis again, Monday.  Still, floodwaters appeared to be rising in spots.

There was major damage to farm fields.

A road closure was causing big problems outside of O`Fallon, IL:  a traffic jam, but no honking horns on U.S. Hwy. 50 between O`Fallon and Lebanon in St. Clair County.
Crawfish were battling for position crossing the flooded roadway.

Drivers could only get as far as the roadblocks before having to turn around and find another way.

"Yes, it`s going to mess me up," said driver, Ann Barnum, from the O`Fallon area.  She was trying to get her daughter, Morgan to play practice at the Looking Glass Playhouse in Lebanon.

Sydney Stogner was trying to get there, too.

"I`m in a musical ... I have to get there. I`ve been driving around for literally an hour.  I thought I`d get there with 30 minutes to spare.  Instead I`m late," Stogner said.

"I`ve seen people going that way, so I`m going to try that way," said Kisha Summers, who`d been in Belleville and was trying to get to her home just on the other side of the flooded stretch of highway.

Jim Grinnell, who lives nearby, said almost 4 inches of rain fell there Sunday.
The same Silver Creek, that flooded U.S. Hwy. 50, flooded the farm field and horse pasture behind his house.

"You can see right there, there`s a fish out there just popped up - swimming in the soybeans," Grinnell said, the water apparently still rising.

"We actually saw it when it came down so heavy so fast.  This field started filling up. Then it started filling up in the back pasture," Grinnell said.

So don`t even bother with a car at what was nothing more than a crawfish crossing Monday night.

Drivers learned that - the hard way.

"I`ve tried every other way.  I better just get home," said Stogner, giving up on the idea of getting to Lebanon.

Drivers were wondering about going around the roadblocks and trying to pass through the water.  Less than a quarter of a mile of U.S. Hwy. 50 was under water.  Police said no way;  the water was deeper than it looked.  There was a visible current.
With no more rain, it should reopen in a day or two.

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