The Dangers Of Flip Flops

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(KTVI) – It's summertime, which means the footwear of choice for many people is flip flops. While they're comfy and let your feet and toes breathe, more research shows they're bad for your feet.

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Richard Lehman, from the US Center for Sports Medicine, stopped by tot alk with Randi Naughton about the dangers of flip flops.

What’s bad about the flip flops:

  • Stubbed toes and cuts can lead to infection
  • Overuse injuries such as foot stress fractures
  • Alter the way you walk, causing leg, hip and back pain

Some flip flops are better than others:

  • Many of the less-expensive flip-flop styles consist of just a flat piece of rubber and the toe thong. The lack of arch support can cause another common foot injury: plantar fasciitis

Some brands are better than others:

  • Reef, Rainbow, FitFlops, Teva and Merrell make models that throw more of the weight into the heel and out of the forefoot

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