Thieves Targeting Open Garages During Summertime

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O'FALLON, MO (KTVI)-- Dawn Graham has lived in her O`Fallon home for more than 16 years and is pretty cautious when it comes to safety, but when FOX 2 scoped out her neighborhood we found homes with garages left wide open.  For thieves it`s an open invitation to break in.

'We leave ours open to go to the library but not anymore. We watch out for each other and if they are not home we make sure that they are not burglarized or someone not recognized does not come in.' said Graham

According to O`Fallon police officer Diana Damke garages and cars are targets especially during the summer when homeowners are extra busy. Thieves take everything from beer coolers to golf clubs and guns.

Sometimes they get more brazen and they check to see if the door attached to the garage is open they steal purses or whatever is just inside the door.' said Damke

Investigators say thieves drive around and scope out neighborhoods at night looking for opportunities. Police also say kids playing with car keys can accidentally unlock doors and leave you vulnerable.
'If you can remove your garage door opener lock that door leading from your garage to your home if you have one.' Damke said.

O`Fallon police have a crime prevention expert on staff, the officer will come to your home or business to determine how vulnerable you are to crime and offer solution at no cost.

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