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Alderwoman Believes Saggy Pants Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Some call it a fashion statement and others not so much. St. Louis City Alderwoman Marlene Davis says saggy pants should go. Last week she introduced bill number 117 to the city hoping for a change. Davis says teens can still sport their fashions, but not the extreme. She also believes sagging can be hazardous to your health causing arthritis and impotence.

"I've talked to chiropractors and vascular people who deal with circulation. The way they walk trying to hold up the pants, their knees some of them have to have their knees replaced, because they are in that squatted position they`re pushing their sockets out," said Davis.

Research led Davis to California posturist Aaron Parnell. He's not a doctor, but says wearing saggy pants is not the problem it`s how you walk in them.

"Wearing them does not cause the problem, walking, running in them trying to keep them up that's where there are problems. Circulation problems can lead to erectile dysfunction," said Parnell.

Roland Page owns the Black Pearl Studio tattoo shop in St. Louis says he sees saggy pants every day. Page thinks the medical claims are false, but he also believes some fashions go too far.

"Sometimes they like to show that designer on the underwear and I can understand that but when you`re sagging excessively where you can see your anatomy, that`s a problem it`s not right," said Page.

If the bill passes violators can face $100 to $500 fines and 90 days in jail. While some city officials disagree with the ordinance saying it creates negative stereotypes Davis is hoping to start a dialogue.

"There are a number of things we still need to talk about before we decide how it`s going to be legislated and if we really need to legislate it," Davis said.

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