Contact 2: Home Alone When The Yellow Pages Arrive

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- We`re all pretty used to the way we receive the latest copy of the Yellow Pages.  It just seems to appear when we're at work. No human contact. So when the delivery person requested a signature a Wentzville mother called us.  Tina Mihulka is concerned that children won`t know what to do.

"My children knew that the guy had no anything, he was just a plain street clothes guy.  There was no marking on the vehicle," she said.

Tina says the kids were home alone. They've been instructed not to open the door.   Molly, 14, was upstairs when the doorbell rang.  "I went over to the window ... I gestured - I can`t open the door-.  He said he needed a signature for the Yellow Pages," she stated.

Molly immediately called and told her mother what happened.  "When she called and said that happened, it just makes your blood run cold, because you don`t know if somebody`s up to something. And maybe they`re not and they`re just trying to do their job. But what if?"

It turns out the person was hired to deliver phone books.  Tina learned this after calling the Yellow Pages for an explanation.  I also called and I received this statement:  "This residential location is also noted as a business in our records. We require a signature when delivering to business customers, but not if the business is located within a residential home. We apologize for this mistake."

Tina  operates an internet business.  But has never been asked for a signature in the past, nor is her business listed in the Yellow Pages.  She says parents should warn their kids about stranger danger this summer.  "According to Yellow Pages , they hire a contractor and the contractor hires somebody to make the deliveries. There are church groups that do the deliveries, and that`s fantastic.  It`s just, as much as anything parents letting their  children know not to open doors for anyone if they don`t know them."

You may want to contact Yellow Pages to schedule the delivery if your children are home alone during the day.  If you have consumer issues contact us at our toll free number,  (800) 782-2222.  Volunteers take calls Monday through Thursday from 11am until 1pm.    And you can use Facebook to reach me.

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